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Provincial nominee program

From the Atlantic to the pacific, Canada is a vast

country that spreads across a whole continent!


Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and its size is matched with the diversity of its regions! In Canada you have luscious mountains, blue oceans, the snowy Arctic, the golden prairies and so much more in between! With so much diversity, each region has its own particular needs.

Normally it ​is the Government of Canada's responsibility to decide who can and cannot immigrate to Canada but in order to meet the unique needs of each region, the federal government gives its provinces and territories some decision making power. Each year Canadian provinces and territories can get to decide who is best suited to immigrate and be successful in their beautiful region through the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. There are 12 separate PNP programs, and each program has more than one way to qualify.

why are PNP programs so Great?

Although PNP programs have a longer processing time, and are a two step process they work great for those individuals who cannot qualify to immigrate to Canada through the more competitive federal programs. If you find yourself unable to compete against the other candidates in Express Entry because of your age, level of education, low language score or because of your work experience, the PNP stream might be the answer for you.


Another one of the benefits of PNP is that it can be possible to obtain a work permit and start working in Canada while you are waiting to obtain your Permanent Residency. Most provinces issue a work permit support letter alongside their Provincial Nomination Certificate. This enables you and your spouse to apply for a 2-year work permit and start building your future in your destination province. 


  • If your PNP is linked to a job offer, you NEED to remain working with the company that has supported your application until you receive your permanent residency. Any changes to the original employment relationship can affect the outcome of your application.

  • When applying to immigrate to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program you are certifying that you plan to live in that particular region. Moving will compromise the status of your permanent residency. Familiarize yourself with the province of territory's climate, local culture, unemployment rate, cost of living, cost of real estate and industries.

  • Looking to start a business? Currently the most realistic options for individuals looking to start a business in Canada are offered through PNP programs.

What are my Options?

There are many specific details in making any application and it is impossible for us to include every possible scenario here for you. PNP programs are very fluid and prone to change without notice. They open and close throughout the year depending on the needs of the province/territory and might even change/add candidate requirements without warning. 


Below we have created an overview of each province. Explore Canada and the PNP programs below at your leisure and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Professional assessment and advice is always recommended before you take any concrete steps towards applying for Permanent Residence in Canada.


British columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova scotia


Prince edward island

North West Territories

yukon territories

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